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The project team has many years of experience in developing telecom solutions, starting with the development and production of an ultra-thin (within 100μm) Russian SIM card (Podsimka project) in 2009.

During this period, the team has gained practical experience in areas ranging from the development of software for inline microcontrollers to the design and serial production of card products in telecom.

Our competencies include:

  • development of the structure, logical and electrical circuit diagram of integrated circuits, topology of integrated circuits;
  • development (including writing the program code) of software for integrated circuits;
  • production of plates in a full cycle (except for photomasks) with chips and their measurement;
  • assembly of chips in a case;
  • measurement and testing of integrated circuits;
  • design and development of integrated circuits;
  • testing of integrated circuits;
  • development of application software of any complexity.

We have gained experience of working with the world's leading manufacturers of microelectronics, which allows us to develop solutions in the telecom industry according to the high level of constantly changing industry requirements.

Based on many years of experience in working with SIM cards and practical experience in the field of microelectronics, the company launched the development of a 100% Russian operating system for SIM cards (RuSim OS), which meets the requirements of mobile operators, as well as regulators in the field of information security. The domestic operating system OS RuSim is developed according to the requirements of Russian and international standards in the field of telecommunication systems, mobile communications and microelectronics.

In our opinion, the development of an in-house operating system for the SIM card microcontroller is justified in terms of technical risks, since the only alternative to it are foreign SIM card OS developers operating in the Russian market (Gemalto, Oberthur Technologies, Giesecke & Devrient, etc.) whose software products feature a closed source code and cannot be presented for audit and certification in the Russian Federation. Within the framework of the current import substitution program in the industry and the imposed sanctions, the arrangement of the SIM-cards production powered by a Russian operating system is of great current interest. The developed SIM-card operating system, with Russian authentication and session key generation algorithms implemented as part of other solutions, can be used, for example, both in in-house networks of a mobile TV reporting unit of law enforcement ministries and departments, and for services based on the technology of "virtual operator" with an in-house switching center.

Team’s key competencies and experience

Software Development
  • Development of Russian OS for (U)SIM-cards
  • Full filed-test and compatibility test on an existing installed base, including CIS countries (Life:) and Tele2 operators)
  • Development and support of in-house Device Management Platform for remote device management
  • Development of an in-house OTA platform (Over-The Air Updates)
  • Development of software for testing and initialization of devices (firmware) in production
  • Development of an in-house operation management environment and technical assistance
  • Development and testing of integration tools with the infrastructure of mobile radio operators
Testing and quality control of microelectronic products
  • Development of testing technology for industrial assembly (molding) of chips using flip-chip technology
  • Development of a quality testing technology for the manufacturing of finished products, at all stages of manufacturing PODSIMKA (PCB, components molding, underfill)
  • Development of an in-house technology for testing low-level software (firmware) used in chip firmware upgrade
  • Development of an in-house technology for testing the quality of thinning (from 400 to 100 microns) of chips in wafers (wafers back-grinding)
Component base supply management
  • Experience in arranging the entire supply chain with major component manufacturers (STi, NXP, ATMEL, Samsung and others)
  • Experience in working with wafers supply chain, from ordering to the pre-production of finished products
  • Experience in working with RF components (radio frequency components) in the wafers form factor, including testing and back-grinding
  • Practical experience with the most common types of industrial equipment for manufacturing, packaging, transporting, processing (back-grinding & bumping), assembly testing and rework of components in wafers
  • Experience in developing and changing the technological process for the production of custom components (bespoke wafers bumping)
Small-scale and trial production of microelectronics
  • Experience in trial industrial production of SIM cards
  • Experience in arranging an entire production cycle: requirements definition; POC; New product initiation (NPI); trial mass production
  • Practical experience of working with manufacturing sites in Israel, Germany, China, Thailand and the Philippines
  • Practical experience in the development of auxiliary production equipment required for debugging and production launch
  • Experience in arranging the process of technical acceptance and testing in production
Documentation development
  • Implementation of projects on the development of design, operating and program documentation for telecommunication systems and software
  • Development of software program documentation for USPD for telecommunication systems
  • Development of documents for technical projects meeting the requirements of GOST 34.201, RD 50-34.698
  • Development and issuance of the Program and Methods of Testing according to GOST for software and hardware for telecommunication systems
  • Development of specifications for telecommunication system software
Information security
  • Development of security profiles for subscriber authentication devices and technical means of telecommunication systems according to GOST R ISO / IEC 15.408
  • Development of information security systems of telecommunication systems
  • Assessing the security of telecommunication systems
  • Consulting on information protection and information security in automated and telecommunication systems